Cobbled courtyard

This very small yard is the only garden area of a characterful listed cottage in Langcliffe. Although it is surrounded with buildings and high walls, it receives a surprising amount of sunshine in the summer months and had the potential to be turned into an attractive retreat.

The concrete surface was replaced with a mix of reclaimed stone cobbles, setts and paving flags, which immediately looked as though they had been there for years and is much more in keeping with the old cottage.

A corner arbour with combined seat provides a secluded spot to sit in the sunniest corner of the garden, whilst there is also room for a small table and chairs.

The blank garage wall at the end of the yard (which previous owners had tried to screen with trellis) was painted in a subtle stone colour to provide a backdrop for specimen plants in pots.

The existing small bed was turned into a low raised bed to create more of a feature and to enable more plants to be fitted in under the established climbers.

The end result has been to create an attractive cobbled courtyard that gives the owners an outside space that is a pleasure to use.