Spring is round the corner

         Primroses and Saxifraga apiculata flowering in my garden.   Early spring flowers in my garden and the weather forecast is for much better weather next week, so time to get out there and tidy up the borders - cut back old growth from last year, clear weeds and then apply a mulch of organic matter, such as garden compost or well-rotted manure on the bare soil between plants.... [click to read more]

Posted: 6th March 2014

Still time to plant bare root trees and shrubs

We have just extended our mixed native hedge, using bare root plants.  We planted a 70m stretch of hedge 4 years ago and it has been slow to get established because of its exposed position, so we decided to use windbreak netting to protect this new stretch of planting - doesn't look pretty but hopefully it will get this section off to a good start.  As well as hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel and elder, I have included holly, cherry plum and alder buckthorn in this new section to give even more variety and create a habitat for an even wider range of insects and invertebrates (alder buckthorn is a food plant for Brimstone butterflies).... [click to read more]

Posted: 24th February 2014

Time to buy snowdrops in the green

The snowdrops are really starting to make a good display now, but if (like me!) you don't have enough planted, now is a great time to order them"in the green" ie lifted from the ground while they are in leaf.  If you have a friend with congested clumps of snowdrops, you could ask to dig some up and this would improve their display as well.  Alternatively, you can buy them online.  Cambo Gardens in Fife have great display of snowdrops and sell them online. http://www.camboestate.com/gardens/ ... [click to read more]

Posted: 1st February 2014

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